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how much to charge for car cleaning

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Tsze-kung finally inquired, Of what sort are those of the present day, who engage in government?” The Master said Pooh! they are so many pecks and hampers, not worth being taken into account.”

The Master said to Po-yu, Do you give yourself to the Chau-nan and the Shao-nan. The man who has not studied the Chau-nan and the Shao-nan is like one who stands with his face right against a wall. Is he not so?” The Master said, ’It is according to the rules of propriety,’ they say.-’It is according to the rules of propriety,’ they say. Are gems and silk all that is meant by propriety? ‘It is music,’ they say.-’It is music,’ they say. Are hers and drums all that is meant by music?”

The Master said, Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. Have no friends not equal to yourself. When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.”

The duke said, Inform the chiefs of the three families of it.”

Confucius replied to him, There was Yen Hui; he loved to learn. He did not transfer his anger; he did not repeat a fault. Unfortunately, his appointed time was short and he died; and now there is not such another. I have not yet heard of any one who loves to learn as he did.”

Let relaxation and enjoyment be found in the polite arts.”

The Master said, Learn as if you could not reach your object, and were always fearing also lest you should lose it.”

The Master said, I have been the whole day without eating, and the whole night without sleeping:-occupied with thinking. It was of no use. better plan is to learn.”


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